The Second World SME Conference in 2019

Hosted by the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (founded with the approval of the State Council and registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs),the Second World Small and Medium Enterprises Conference will be held on June 22nd and 23rd in 2019. Advocated in China, the conference serves as a platform for SMEs from worldwide to communicate and share opinions. The theme for this conference is: “Global Economic Integration: Challenges and Opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises”, which is in response to the call of Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day set by the United Nations, as well as an achievement of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. The conference will focus on issues about the global economy, science and technology innovation, goods and service trades, capital and technology, opportunities and challenges, etc., so as to explore the surviving and developing solutions for SMEs in the growing interdependence of markets and production in different countries. It is expected that more than 2,000 representatives from over 50 countries, including politicians, experts and entrepreneurs, will be present to contribute their wisdom and strength to the development and innovation of the global SMEs.

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Note: The qualifications of delegates need to be examined by the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly, which will reply in three working days after the approval.

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